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Active Aging

Written by Laura Caulfield

I want to change the narrative about Ageing.  It's no secret that we are living longer.  I want to you to think about what living longer means to you.  Does it conjure up images of little old folks hunched over canes?  Those images projected of the elderly in cartoons? The message being that we are no longer relevant.  Many people dread getting on in years. Well, we don’t have to be sentenced to live out our lives in elder care facilities.  In fact, as a post-menopausal woman, I am here to share the many benefits of staying active as we age and how to live our best life over 50+.

With age comes life experience and wisdom. We don’t have to prove anything to anyone.  We have a bigger picture view and can make better decisions.  One of those choices is to unapologetically make time for self-care, a regular exercise routine and eating healthy for your Dosha.  As we age our metabolism decreases and so maintaining a healthy weight is key to lowering risk of heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other ailments.  With menopause, we lose bone density, which can lead to osteopenia, osteo arthritis and other degenerative bone diseases.  Pilates helps build muscle and stronger bones.  In fact, numerous studies found that consistent stretching and strength training eases back pain and improves mobility.  And its low impact so its not hard on the joints.  It strengthens your core, essential for stability and balance, necessary for everyday activities of daily life, including walking. 

The breathwork in Pilates and Yoga (called Pranayama) simulates the circulatory system, increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain and the internal organs, it gets the lymphatic system pumping, removing toxins from the body.  Moreover, people who practice 3 times a week have more energy, boosting the parasympathetic nervous system and the neuro transmitters release the “feel good” endorphins which improve mood and help with memory and cognitive function. 

So, if you are living with a chronic condition, talk with your doctor about working with a certified instructor to embark on your personalized practice.  If you are interested in a personalized plan for aging well which incorporates the whole mind body approach, please contact me.  I start where you are to create a Life of Balance.   I prefer to keep classes small so I can really get to know my students and custom tailor a program that is best for each individual.  I offer privates and duets.  I hope to have the privilege to work with you and will support you in living your best life for years to come.

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